Do you want to do something
but you’re not confident enough?

Do you want to be a model
but you don't know how to start?

Do you want to make a living out of your passion
but you're not sure how?


You'll love and appreciate yourself

You'll feel confident in front of a crowd

You'll know the ins and outs of modeling

You'll have a name in the industry

And you'll have an experienced mentor and a model herself to guide you achieve them

A 12-week program focused on getting you ready for your next casting call, modeling career, and other opportunities you can get within the industry.

Module 1


  • Definition of Self-Love
  • How does self-esteem impact your life?
  • The well-being that causes self-esteem
  • Boost your self esteem with your body language
  • Setting and achieving goals building success and self-esteem


  • You will learn 7 steps to increase self-esteem

Module 2


  • Use the self-confidence as a projection tool
  • How to get presence through a correct speech
  • Individual personality development
  • Personality is the key to success


  • You will learn how to use self-confidence as a presentation tool to others.
  • You will learn correct speaking techniques as a presentation.
  • You will practice personality development exercises.

Module 3

Your Unique projection

  • Effective speech
  • Correct tone when speaking
  • Photo Pose techniques with the theory of angles, light, and correct facial expressions.
  • Correct body language for presentations and daily living
  • Personality management as a correct projection.
  • The practice of first photos with the integration of photo pose theory.


  • You will learn how to speak in a correct manner and tone
  • Use body language as your letter of presentation
  • You will practice correct photo passes by making your first photo session as a practice
  • You will learn to use your unique personality as part of your projection.

Module 4

Taking Care of your Image

  • Nutrition as energy for your body
  • Exercises as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • How to dress correctly according to your skin tone, type of body and tendencies to highlight the best of you.
  • Caring for your skin can change your life and stabilize your self-esteem.
  • How makeup influences your self-esteem


  • You will learn the importance of good nutrition as the right source of energy for the body
  • How the exercises give us energy
  • How to dress correctly as it is your cover letter
  • You will learn correct beauty routine
  • You will learn the basis of good makeup to highlight the natural beauty

Module 5

Catwalk of confidence

  • Posture and Poses as a confidence tool in the catwalk
  • Walk the correct way at the catwalk
  • Facial expressions during a catwalk
  • Opening and closing of a runway
  • Pageant catwalk vs European catwalk


  • Correct posture not only for a catwalk but as health improvement
  • You will learn different poses that are exercised on the catwalk
  • Different facial expressions on the catwalk
  • Differences between different moods in different types of runways

Module 6

Be Your Own Brand

  • Importance of Internet, videos and social media as a development tool for your brand as a model.
  • Develop your brand as a model that is unique to you
  • Types of models in the modeling market
  • How to create a model resume


  • You will begin to identify what makes you different as a brand in modeling
  • You will understand what kind of model you are and use it in your favor to take advantage of it.
  • You will create your first model resume

Module 7

Being a Blogger, Influencer or Brand Ambassador

  • How to work with brands and monetize your Social Media
  • Basic knowledge of what is “Social Media”
  • Create your personal blog
  • What are the different social platforms and how to handle them


  • You will learn the basics of how to handle the different “social media” platforms and use them to generate income as a model for Brands
  • You will create your first personal blog 
  • The use of social media to attract brands to your platforms

Module 8

Visibility in the Industry

  • Other “outside the box” jobs within the industry
  • How to work with agents or managers
  • Beauty pageants and their opportunities
  • What is “high fashion” modeling in the industry


  • You will learn other types of jobs you can do within the industry
  • Work with agents or managers
  • Benefits of participating in a Beauty Pageant
  • You will learn the difference between High fashion modeling and Commercial modeling

Module 9

Your Digital & Physical Portfolio

  • How to prepare yourself as a model before a “shooting”
  • How to create a “Comp Card” 
  • “Model Release” Pros and cons 
  • Creation of catwalk video for online castings


  • You will learn what to do before a photoshoot
  • You will have your first physical and digital “Comp Card” for physical or virtual “castings”.
  • You will have your first catwalk video as a presentation for a virtual “casting”.

Module 10

Auto-Sale your image to Brands, Designers & Agents

  • The art of how to promote yourself as a personal brand
  • Handling your interviews for agencies and brands
  •  How Test shots, head shots, and collaborations work
  • “Career Savvy” what to do after you finish this course.


  • You will learn to sell your personal brand securely to major brands, designers, or anyone interested in you
  • You will learn what is a head shot, test shoots, and collaborations
  • You will have the tools to know what to do after the course is finished

Module 11

Casting Exercise

  • Live experience as a real “casting”
  • The important points in a “casting”
  • Errors that are made in a “casting”
  • How to make the best presentation at a casting


  • Live practice with a mentor of how to make a correct casting presentation
  • You will learn important points for your next “casting”

module 12 and Additional features

  • One-on-one feedback session where I will share my observations and give you advice
  • You can ask any questions you may have

  • 15-30 minutes of Individual support

  • Final Evaluation

After completing the 12 modules, you’ll have your final evaluation and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to you. Also a private facebook group to continuously support you!

This whole course has a real value of $5,500 and modeling schools offers only modeling  for more than that, you can get it for much less than that with my personalized mentoring just for you evaluating your personal progress.

Ready to make your dream a reality?

As part of my commitment to give back to the community, as my legacy, for each mentorship sold, I will give a free modeling and self-confidence class to a woman of any age who does not have the means to get into the mentorship program but is willing to learn and improve their confidence and knowledge about modeling.

Empowered women empower women!

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Entrepreneur, Professional Model, Certified Modeling Instructor, “Blogger” and influencer recognized for infusing modeling as a tool of self-esteem and empowerment allowing girls, youth and adults to learn through their modeling workshops and fashion blog. She has more than 20 years of experience as a model and certified modeling instructor participating in countless catwalks, events, editorial competitions in Puerto Rico and the United States among others.

Her passion is to teach modeling as an enriching tool of self-esteem to each girl, young man, and woman achieving a remarkable inside out MetaMorphosis leaving a legacy of his mission for future generations. It teaches them to transform their interior by believing in themselves, equally with the foundations and techniques to be models and enhance its image as a brand. The guides to avoid mistakes that she made so that they advance and see concrete results by working strategically on their transformation so that it is effective and with real results.

She is the founder of the fashion beauty and confidence blog Modish bold Squad, the MetaMorphosis mentoring, and owner of the Miss / Mrs Puerto Rico Millennium Universe franchise, a contest that takes her candidates to the contest with the final in Malaysia as the ultimate test of everything learned. She has students of all ages, being her coach and modeling mentor in Puerto Rico and the United States.

Her motto is: Confidence is everything! For this reason, she created MetaMorphosis mentoring and her favorite quote: Confidence is the best outfit! The tools, methods and strategic techniques are the most effective way for you to achieve your brand as a model, this way you can position yourself in the market by doing what you love and passionate about generating income and in this way creating a safe and trustworthy mentality to achieve your goals.


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